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Welcome to A&J Electronic Recycling E-Waste

Our Focus

A & J Electronics Recycling E-Waste, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, offers customized end-to-end solutions in IT Asset Recovery, E-Waste Management, and Electronics Reverse Logistics.

By partnering with us, you can be confident that your data, brands, and corporate image will be protected throughout the electronics end-of-life process.


* Leadership in safe, compliant, and ethical e-waste disposal.
* Global delivery of services.
* Application of state-of-the-art technology and engineering.

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Services Overview

Our Electronic Recycling Solutions

The following services can be mixed and matched in nearly any jurisdiction to meet your needs. Those services that we cannot provide in-house in a given jurisdiction we can source from our extensive network of affiliates, all of whom meet our exacting standards of quality, security, and environmental responsibility.

Global Collection & Logistics: Secure and efficient pickup, transportation, and storage services.

Responsible Recycling: For units beyond economic repair, demanufacturing, component harvesting, and processing into segregated material streams for reuse in manufacturing or downstream refining. All according to leading environmental standards.

Secure Data Destruction: From DOD-compliant overwriting to monitored physical destruction, the highest standards in data security. Onsite and offsite services available.

Accredited Repair & Refurbishment: Restoration of whole units to sufficient condition for reuse and resale. Warranty support and returns management services may also be possible in certain jurisdictions.

Multi-Channel Remarketing: Resale of working electronics to extend useful life and recover maximum value.

Energy Saving & Carbon Credit Solutions: Verified cost reduction through energy savings leading to carbon credit revenues in some jurisdictions.

Transparent Reporting & Certification: Detailed tracking, customizable reports, auditable documentation, and certification of compliance.

IT Lifecycle Support & Advisory Services: Reconfiguration and redeployment of working assets, site clearance, valuation/appraisal of disposal options, etc.

We Are a…

Family-owned company from San Jose proudly serving individuals and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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